A Playhouse Can Be Educational

Children love to learn, it’s just the people and the locations that change. If you avoid using the electrical babysitters – for that, read games machines and computers – then children love to revert back to doing things, playing with things and particularly to participate with educational games with the people they love, their parents and siblings.

Parents always knew that children love to play and find most games extremely educational. It’s just that we forget this from time to time and when your children turn on their hand held games machines, you know you might be able to get an hour or two away in your summerhouse for a relaxing hour or two.

What type of playhouse should you build?

When you plan to raise a playhouse in your garden, for your children, you will give great concern to the way your children will be expected to play in the new garden rooms. The best way to plan the rooms is to think over how the area can be both fun and educational.

playhouse for kids

Being educational doesn’t mean that the walls have to be lined with mathematical times tables for children to learn by rote, but you can put up a times table, turns your child’s back to the poster and ask them to recite a table with a prize for a perfect or near perfect result. If you make times tables educational and fun, children learn so much quicker.

Having their special playhouse will allow your children to have their own space. Even if they see it that way, you should never let them believe you can’t join in their fun.

Children love to play in their own environment because they are happy and confident there. They know where everything is and there are no real worrying surprises when they open the door to their playhouse.

Watch and play

When you watch a child at play, they use their imagination extensively. With what appears to you to be a plain room with four walls and a roof can becomes a princess’s place, a pirate’s ship or a planet from far, far, away.

Once you see how children play, you will have a guide of the way that they learn. Some children prefer English and other would rather do mathematics.  Some are artistic, with others scientific, but don’t let them experiment so far they blow the roof off of the playhouse.

When they have friends over to join in their joy of a garden playhouse, you can easily involve everyone in simple education fun games. If you choose one of the children to be a teacher, they will instantly mimic those educators from their pre-school or primary school.

It can be educational and fun as you teach good manners and ask each child to show terrible manners. They quickly learn what is acceptable and what is not and perhaps also show a tendency to see if they might be movie stars later on with their acting abilities.

Children can learn about the outside world by playing at the doctor’s office, the dentist, the supermarket and the computer shop – all in their playhouse. Playing in this way and developing the rooms to adapt to those chosen can make them understand more about outside lives and work and always show great ways to educate children through play.